Photo Safari Survivor.

I survived a photo safari at the old gainers site.  (for info on the gainers site, its the site of peter pocklingtons first defeat: )

Its located at fort road and 62 just off fort road in Edmonton, Alberta. For anyone who doesn’t live near here, there is an enigmatic chimney that sits in the middle of the site, and the transit alrt goes right by the lot.  I’ve been wanting to do a walkabout there since I moved to the north side of edmonton two years ago.  I arrived at a small parking lot to the east side, hosed myself down with deet, and journeyed forth. It is overgrown, with thistles and other wildflowers with weird concrete flooring and other debris randomly distributed around the lot.  It was a bit dangerous underfoot near the chimney with broken  bricks and rubble.  Hopefully the photographs were worth it.



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World Wide Photo Walk

Last Saturday, I participated in the N.A.P.P. (  organized world wide photo walk.  It was overall an interesting day, but  for a while it seemed like the world was conspiring against  us in getting there. First,  my ever faithful, never fails me 97 jeep tj, refused to start, creating sizzling, shorting noises, of the kind that guarantees that this will be an expensive repair.  Next the commuter beater, Reliant K car, didn’t want to start either, but finally did. So we sputtered and stuttered our way down to the meet up point at Louise McKinney Park, by the Chinese pagoda, in the beautiful river valley area of Edmonton.    We were fortunately not late, and slowly the gaggle of photogs gathered, and we were off!

(Photo links to be added as soon as I sort thru the 400 images I took. So far so good, I have it down to 70 sorted images.)


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Trying new things

Decided I will be taking my photo, art hobby to a new level.. I’ve printed and mounted a few of my images, onto canvas, and will be selling them either through friends, or through any gallery contact friends can supply me with.   Initial offering for each 11×14 mounted print will be $150 canadian.   This is a new venture for me.  Initial mounted images from this set:

contact info:

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Readin, Lernin, and distractions

just picked up WordPress for Dummies by  Lisa Sabin-Wilson of because of good reviews on line, and to be honest because it was cheaper, than the more advanced book sitting beside it.    So far I’ve discovered a some features of the dashboard that I wasn’t aware of, tweaked my profile, and i’m only up to page 63.  Not because its a difficult read, mostly because I’m a victim of too much multi tasking.  Attempting to read, follow along with the book, listen to a live conference on line #govcamp at:,( and keep up on twitter all at the same time.. note to self..  turn OFF at least one of those things if I want to be productive.

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Winter/Spring of mild discontent

Just realized when I went to comment on another blog, that I’ve been letting my blog go stale. I haven’t posted since November.  It’s been an interesting winter, our weather here in beautiful Edmonton has been weirdly mild (for Edmonton)  this winter.  I  don’t have a lot of excuses for not posting on the blog, except for a  home improvement and computer game ennui.  Looking out the window now at the sunshine, and melting snow, and watching winter olympic coverage, makes me nostalgic for Vancouver, funny in my life I’ve missed the biggest events in Vancouver, I managed to miss Expo, and now the Olympics,  even though in this case the best view of all the events is on the television.  In both cases I was here in Edmonton.

Trying to explain to Vancouver people why I live here, why I would leave the mountains, the ocean, and the mild weather for Edmonton? Edmonton is an amazingly friendly place, it has the largest river valley park in Canada running right through the middle of town, I can be anywhere in town, even during rush hour in under an hour, and since I arrived I have made more friends in 3 years than I made in 20 years in the lower mainland.

It was a bit of a political culture shock, after 20 years of being in a province where the liberals are considered right-wing, and where I would have considered myself to be only slightly left of centre politically.  To here where apparently I’m only slightly to the right of che Guevara.   My observation politically, is this is a province in dire need of  middle of the road political voices in the Alberta Leg…   sadly the only alternate credible alternate voice seems to be the wildrose party, with its even more right-wing agendas.

Now,  after my brief political moment, I have a ton of backlogged photographs that are sitting in lightroom waiting to be processed, and my post olympic pledge is to get them all up on flickr, along with working on several drawing/paintings in progress.

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murmle murmle murmle

pretty much over da flue… yep wondering how to clean my chimeny.

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musings on h1n1 or how i feel swinish

I spent 2 1/2 hours last Friday before Halloween, attempting to get the swine flu vaccination, because our wonderful provincial government invited me.  An endeavor that was all in vain, because at about midnight that night, i broke out in a massive coughing fit, followed by fever and chills. The next day, after sleeping fitfully I was lethargic tired, achy and coughing randomly, with some chest pain.  Basically all the non lethal symptoms of happy h1n1.

Now nearly a week later, I’m still lethargic, achy, with random coughing, and now my voice just disappeared.  I’m also bored, fed up with laying in bed watching daytime tv, with the possible exception of all the law and order episodes I’m catching up on,  oh and Vegas.  Oh and did I mention my ass hurts from laying in bed.  Basically this all just sucks. I’ve even felt too crap to do much computer gaming or photo editing, two things I love to do when some free time rolls around.

To alleviate some of the whinyness I did accomplish a couple of things, of note I trouble shooted(?) my old nearly dead computer.  I had given up on it, it looked like the monitor was dying, it was over heating, and making funny noises.  I had given up on it for dead, and for the heck of it did a clean install of ubuntu 9.10 (karmic koala) Lo and behold,  the monitor resurrected itself,   and Karmic picked up on the fact that the boot hard drive was failing, from too many bad sectors. So ripping that out I did a clean install on the data drive and now I have a quiet and not too hot ubuntu workstation.  I also have loads of practice installing all the elements of a complete ubuntu installation.  Ubuntu, has its issues, and i’d given up on it for a while because of upgrading and installation issues I’d had with a previous install on my laptop with  version 8.04 , but all of those seem to have gone away with karmic.

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