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Heart in mouth

Update on my day In St Albert. The day started out fine, packed up my gear, made sure we had sunscreen, deet, and all the filters for the camera ready. Went out to breakfast at smittys in st Albert. Finished eating and set up the camera, got the filters on packed it into my handy easy access backpack, and slung it over my shoulder. We had a wander through the local mall, that looks a bit run down and empty, mind it was early on a Saturday. Just to be sure I wouldn’t have issues at the event I wandered in for a bathroom break (having issues with port a potties at 35C) coming out of the bathroom stall i slung my backpack and it was then i discovered that I hadn’t zippered up the side pocket as carefully as i thought, because my camera went flying out and skidding across the tile floor. The expression heart in mouth so definitely applies, as I saw my baby bouncing and coming to a stop, almost in matrix slow motion. Hands shaking I knelt down, and carefully picked her up…. looked all over, not seeing any obvious dents or scratches……. and packed her up more carefully….. went out hands shaking to see she who had been waiting. She who had been waiting didn’t quite understand how upset and white I was until I explained.. Well I sat down in the food court and checked out the baby.. who didn’t seem worse for wear, I did get an error message to make sure the lens was attached properly, that cleared up when I detached and reattached it. So with heart pounding and a sick feeling I went off to the event…..I think disaster was averted because I had the small lens on, and the lens hood seemed to have taken the initial hit..  and it was glancing and  on slippery tiles..
After the near disaster we headed off the to the rocknaugust event…..check out my flickr stream to see if being under duress helped or hurt…


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