Hi. This is my wordpress blog site.  About me?  well now that  you’ve asked..My name is Dale C.  I live in the wonderful friendly town of Edmonton, Alberta.   (you have to be friendly in a town, where if your car breaks down in February its a -40 walk for help)

I’m a self absorbant.. no wait  thats wrong.   Never Mind,  I’m an  Grown up, who is trying to grow younger every year.

I paint, I draw, and lately I’ve been falling back into an older hobby/love Photography. But with an eye to manipulate the images either in Photoshop or Corel Painter.

Not averse to a sip of good rum, or a politically incorrect cigar occasionally.

Blues on Whyte, is possibly the best reason to move to Edmonton, but don’t let anyone from Toronto know that.

Contact me: if your interested in prints of my photographs or art work:  northernartlight@gmail.com


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