Brave? Stupid? or

brave or stupid, you decide: not less than 30 minutes ago, I had one of those moments, that afterwards you slap your palm to your face and go “what was i thinking?” I was out running/jogging, doing laps of our local park, and I had just started my run. I was coming around my first curve on the park trail, when i noticed a young boy who looked about 8 years, thin,looked kind of scruffy, walking towards the playground area. He was hiding, going from bush area to treed area. As he got closer to the playground he pulled out what appeared to be a very real black handgun/revolver, looking a lot like a snub nose 38 calibre. As he started to make actions like he was loading it ,he was hiding in the bush area adjacent to to the playground where there were a bunch of kids playing.

I stopped in my tracks, and slowly walked towards him, trying not to startle him. As I got closer I asked him what he was doing, and then he cracked the gun apart to show me that it was a cap pistol. One hella scary realistic looking cap pistol, but a cap pistol, nonetheless. Once I stopped having visions of my wife cashing my life insurance policy just after my funeral. I (hopefully) quietly gave him heck for bringing this thing to the park, and convinced him to turn around and take it home, but not after having to threaten to call the police……

Now, when i approached this boy, I honestly believed it a possibility that it might be a real gun. When I got closer, I realized it was not. My motive for approaching him? If it was real, and he did try to use it i was fully prepared to tackle him, and hopefully the image of a 6’3″ adult male wrestling with a skinny young kid would alarm enough people that noone would get hurt. In the end, no harm no foul, and he did take the damn thing and leave the park…. It was just afterwards half way around my run, that I did a face palm..


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