Random Thoughts

Why Edmonton?  Why thunderstorms?  Why Mosquitoes?  Why country music? At least country music that wasn’t performed by Johnny Cash.   Sitting here on another hot and muggy and humid Friday night, listening to some good tunes, and sipping a fine beverage. Contemplation about things being a peculiar habit, I cast aside doubt angst and worry, stop thinking why oh why didn’t I buy that friday night lottery ticket, after all it could have been a winner.

But seriously, tomorrow’s plans, to be up early, make coffee, get my stuff together and head off to the St Albert for the Rockin August Show and shine, to practice  the art of taking fragments of cars while in the middle of a crowd of people.   I am prepared, I have a shiny polarizing filter to deal with the glare from the summer sun, and I have my monopod armed and ready to steady my hand, and I have a supply of band aids for the skinned knees I will likely get from scraping them on pavement getting odd angles of cars.

( http://www.rocknaugust.com/2010_events.html )

Update on todays activities, I spent 4 1/2 hours today helping a friend set up wordpress, flickr, twitter, and tweetdeck.  The process is ongoing, it is amazing how many times you have to enter your personal profile information if you are using all of those services.  I use all of them, but realized that I set them up one at a time over a period of over 2 years, so it didn’t seem intrusive. Weird how intrusive it felt by the 4th time repeating each personal profile..    After that I headed to Earls for much needed bevvie and a pound ( felt like 1/2) of their most excellent wings.

Lastly, I’m having issues getting my profile picture show up on the right of the wordpress screen. Computer, server gremlins I suspect.  dammit!   Update: 2010 August 7 at 0800 am.  Whew, that technical issue  resolved itself without me doing anything more than bang my head on the keyboard in sacrifice to the computing gods…..


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