Photo Safari Survivor.

I survived a photo safari at the old gainers site.  (for info on the gainers site, its the site of peter pocklingtons first defeat: )

Its located at fort road and 62 just off fort road in Edmonton, Alberta. For anyone who doesn’t live near here, there is an enigmatic chimney that sits in the middle of the site, and the transit alrt goes right by the lot.  I’ve been wanting to do a walkabout there since I moved to the north side of edmonton two years ago.  I arrived at a small parking lot to the east side, hosed myself down with deet, and journeyed forth. It is overgrown, with thistles and other wildflowers with weird concrete flooring and other debris randomly distributed around the lot.  It was a bit dangerous underfoot near the chimney with broken  bricks and rubble.  Hopefully the photographs were worth it.



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